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Marco Piva defines his language as emotional, fluid and functional. His designs range from architecture to product, up to interior design. Being a traveler even before being a designer, he studies and creates  solutions with intriguing stylistic freedom, where objects are full of emotionalism and new symbolism, and the colors contrast any intellectualism and rigidity.

In Osaka, Japan he participated in the design and construction of the innovative residential complex Next 21, he designed the Laguna Palace in Mestre, the Port Palace in Montecarlo, the Hotel Mirage in Kazan, the Una Hotel in Bologna, the T Cagliari Hotel, The Move Hotelin Mogliano Veneto, the multifunctional Le Terrazze complex in Treviso and the prestigious Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan representing a reference point for luxury hospitality. He designed the concept of Bulgari showcases around the world and Casa Alitalialounge for Alitalia. For the Boscolo Group he designed the suites of the Exedra Hotel in Rome, the B4 Net Tower of Padua and the Tower Hotel of Bologna. In Dubai, on Palm Jumeirah, he designed the Tiara Hotel and Oceana Hotel in addition to the innovative Porto Dubai. In Russia he designed the new complex of the Novosibirsk River Port.

Currently, Studio Marco Piva is engaged in the development of residential complex and prestigious private houses in China, United States, India, Montecarlo, Italy and Albania, and in the creation of design furniture and complements  for the main companies in this field.

Fascinated by the magic of the world and its ever-changing transformations, I face every project as a process of continuous research between volumes and surfaces, between matter and light, to build future scenarios between function and emotion.


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MARCO PIVA FOR HOME ITALIA Photo © Filippo Avandero Home Italia Magazine, the exclusive club for the Italian furniture lovers, is pleased to announce the new encounter with Studio Marco Piva. World-renowned in the fields of architecture, interior design and product...

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SCENTS & COLOURS OF SICILY In the rebranding of Donnafugata Golf Resort & Spa, Studio Marco Piva has renovated the large common area on the ground floor.Since Donnafugata’s customers are used to a cozy, relaxing and, above all, familiar atmosphere, the client...

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MARCO PIVA FOR ALITALIA  The aim of Casa Alitalia project by Studio Marco Piva is to offer travelers a new type of welcome, combining strong emotions with flawless efficiency.The interior design project is part of Alitalia’s overall innovation plan,...

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Studio Marco Piva

Via Maiocchi 9
20129 Milano


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