Architectures to be lived with a bit of irony.

Proj1 was born in 2000 from an idea  of  a Cristiano Cataneo and his partner Clelia Campobasso to give life to an architecture laboratory where to let new ideas flow and to experiment in full freeedom new ways, often provoking with particular elements.

The transformation of spaces is realized through the studied use of the element light, looking for a focal point in every environment.

After all, the passion for light animates the style of the Proj 1’s architects: for them, every element must be as created, caressed, and made unique by lights, both natural and artificial

Proj1’s activity has developed mainly in the field of interior design, combining, in harmony and continuity, objects and furnishing elements of the present and the past.

The experience gained in the retail world – taking care especially of the display and enhancement of object- is reported in interior design, where the canons of architecture are exploited, ensuring that, in space, empty and full spaces enhance each other.

The attention paid to high-tech materials does not exclude the creative use of natural and even recycled materials.

The strong desire for the research and innovation pushes the makers of Proj1 to create a workshop, where together with technicians and craftsmen of Essegiesse Design S.r.l. are tested and realized new solutions to create unique and personal spaces.

The choice to create a laboratory where more professionalism converges, allow us to give life to each new idea: “if you can dream it, you ca do it” (W. Disney)

The architect Cristiano Cataneo also deals with concept spaces for national and international events, and bio-building as a bio-builder A.N.A.B. (National Association of  Bio-ecological Architecture).

We met Home Italia thanks to a friend of ours who gave us the magazine Home Italia your passport to world luxury and the potential of the concept appearead us immediatly.

Being part of this exclusive club is a source of pride for us and a further opportunity to meet prestigious compagnies.






LIGHTING MEMORIESWhen observing this house, the feeling i sto face with infinite possibilities, a blank canvas on which to paint the memories of the life, with which to enhamce the individual pieces of furniture, in which to feel at home. In this apartment in the...

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LIGHT AND SET DESIGNSLight and set designs: the meta-project is now ready You never know which way the wind blows. But you can transform a space of just over 100 square metres into a multipurpose office, thanks to a skilful combination of light, mobile furniture and...

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MY LITTLE WORLD«My little (zero impact) world» The need to escape from the “madding crowd” prompted a friend of ours to look for a place where he could relax, unwind and recharge. His choice fell on a small, quiet and charming medieval village. Here, he bought a...

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