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Lighting Memories

When observing this house, the feeling i sto face with infinite possibilities, a blank canvas on which to paint the memories of the life, with which to enhamce the individual pieces of furniture, in which to feel at home.
In this apartment in the center of Salerno, you can breathe all the history of the family living there, and, at the same time, all the past of the building itself.
It is, in fact, a 17th-century palazzo, once destined to house a convent, the context in which to implement a redevelopment project that would enhance both its aesthetics and functionality.
The structural limits have become possibilities, the pieces of furniture existing, with their styles and taste of the past, have become starting points to articulate an experience.
An experience that not only becomes an integral part of domestic and family life but transforms the individual rooms into an almost museum-like itinere where you can get lost between centuries and countries.
The memories of travel and the recovered furniture, however, are flange by contemporary design elements, cleverly placed in the rooms to maintain that sense of heterogeneity and homogeneity that is tangible proof of the care taken during the design phase.
The wood, left natural or covered in white (ancient wooden floor), provides warmth and softness to a house with a modern frame work that only increases its charm.
The impressive spiral staircase traces a clear but harmonious graphic sign among the white rooms, as if it were a comma between the ground floor and the upper one, a cannection not only architectural but also conceptual.