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Light and set designs

the meta-project is now ready

You never know which way the wind blows. But you can transform a space of just over 100 square metres into a multipurpose office, thanks to a skilful combination of light, mobile furniture and scenic backdrops.
The project is set in the headquarters of Essegiesse Design S.r.l., a companythat designs and renovates residential and commercial interiors. The aim was to design an office that could serve multiple purposes, a place to meet clients, to work in and to showcase the company’s experience and skills in dealing with various technical and design solutions.
A sort of meta-project, an album to leaf through and take inspiration from.
We chose to focus on light and minimal technical solutions, both versatile and functional.
We put the meeting room in the middle of the flat. To ensure privacy while allowing light to stream through the walls are made of wrought glass with geometric patterns.
There is also a special multipurpose space for guests, with armchairs, support bases and furniture on wheels that can become workstations. The walls feature concrete elements made to an exclusive design.
The doors and windows, which could not be changed due to their structural nature, have been hidden behind opaline plastic panels, which filter the sunlight and create a warm relaxed atmosphere.
The whole isa translucent box enclosing a treasure chest of pure design elements: the organically shaped washbasin; the furniture in the waiting area; the table and chairs in the meeting room.
A minimal and essential project requires a special focus on the finishes and the choice of coverings: natural wood flooring from Val di Fiemme; wallpaper with floral motifs; sliding doors for the combination of wardrobe and archive; metal panels that turn into furniture; and the already mentioned concrete panels made to our design.
As always, our projects are built on a careful study of lighting, which in this case required an uncommon effort since it was necessary to combine technical and artistic solutions, so to speak: the Mikado lamps create a path around the meeting room and at the same time illuminate the workstations.
All the technical lamps feature interchangeable optics and a light cone that can be modified by adjusting the lenses to create different scenarios.
All this can be managed in a practical and functional way thanks to advanced smart solutions.