For me, the most important thing is to change people’s lives for the better through an emotionally powerful use of objects and their space.

StudioHAUS takes an innovative, bespoke approach that emphasizes the many intimate ways design can affect the senses. From architecture to interior design, from furniture to details and accent pieces, our attention is always focused on that emotional, interactive language.”


“La mia priorità è influenzare positivamente attraverso l’uso emozionale degli spazi e degli oggetti, la vita delle persone.

L’approccio progettuale sartoriale di StudioHAUS enfatizza il valore esperienziale intimo degli ambienti. Dalla progettazione architettonica, al disegno di interni, alla realizzazione di arredi, accessori e complementi, l’attenzione è sempre puntata sulle emozioni”.


About Kunaal Kyhaan
Born in India and educated in New York at the Parsons School of Design, with past experience as an actor and the soul of a globetrotter, Kunaal Kyhaan is an artisan designer capable of blending the deeply spiritual traditions of India with an elegant, ultra-contemporary approach to design for an absolutely unique visual effect. He developed a taste for theatrical spaces and objects while working on film sets, and has been immersed in art and beauty since he was a child: his mother, an interior designer, often involved him in her projects. And his grandmother, an artist, encouraged him to express himself with every means available to him. His passion for nature and fascination with materials comes from the landscape of Kodaikanal, where he used to live. He works with stone, wood, metals and above all marble, which he hand-selects from the most precious and fascinating varieties sourced from all over India. His aesthetic is a melting pot of cultures and languages, full of life yet always wellstructured and coherent. His work is a continuous experiment, in which audacity of color, ultramodern
technology and the many diverse artisan traditions of India all unite in extreme purity of form. The result is something totally unique: a fascinating dialogue between Indian identity and the expressive codes of global design and architecture, which conferred Kunaal Kyhaan the privilege of being selected to design collections 2020 for the top contemporary design brands.

About StudioHAUS
StudioHAUS is an interior design studio, established in 2012 by Kunaal Kyhaan promoting the idea to bring contemporary design to the Indian market. His practice has included a variety of projects such as corporate offices, residential, retail, and hospitality projects. In 2015, studioHAUS reached an agreement with the property tycoon of Pune, Oxford Group, which allowed him to venture into cohousing projects. Since then, the studio has been involved in continuous and successful collaborations.

About KOY
In 2017 Kunaal launched the design brand KOY. In Japanese mythology, the Koi fish is transformed by the gods into a golden dragon as it swims upstream against the current. Following that idea, KOY’s objects and furnishings exude creative energy and a free, individual and unconventional approach to luxury. KOY occupies a space between modernity and exoticism, between urban rhythms and ancient traditions, in a fascinating dialogue that juxtaposes Indian identity with the global expressive language of architecture and design. Kyhaan’s particular aesthetic – inspired by exploration and love for his rich cultural heritage – feels at once new and intriguing, earning him well-known awards and accolades from the design establishment such as Elle Décor India’s “Young Talent Award” in 2018 and the Elle Décor “Designer of the Year 2019, India” award.

Main Projects
, [10,000 sq. ft]. Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2012-16. Residential project.
CourtyardHAUS, Luxury Villa [7,000 sq. ft]. Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2015-18. Residential project
– Florida Riverbank Mid-economy [800 sq. ft] and residential apartments [90,000 sq.ft], Pune,
Maharashtra, India, 2014. Residential project.
– Florida Riverbank Clubhouse [2600 sq. ft]. Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2016. Hospitality project.
– Florida Watercolor Residential Township [82,000 sq. ft]. Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2015.
Residential project.
– Florida Watercolor Sample Flat [800 sq. ft]. Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2017. Residential project.
– Florida Riverwalk Residential Township [1,62,000 sq. ft]. Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2016.
Residential project.
– Oxford Group Headquarters, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2014 [5,000 sq. ft]. Commercial project.
– The Residences Suites [80,000 sq. ft]. Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2017. Hospitality project.
– The Residences Luxury Apartments [1,50,000 sq. ft]. Pune, Maharashtra, India, 2017. Hospitality
– The Residences Villas, wooden chalets at the Oxford Golf Resort [10,000 sq. ft] Pune, Maharashtra,
India, 2019. Hospitality project.




courtyardHAUSThe modern luxury villa CourtyardHAUS reinterprets principles of Indian life and traditional Indian architectural elements like step-wells and courtyards, all with a contemporary twist. The elegant atmosphere was developed in dialogue with the individual...

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parkHAUSParkHAUS, a 7000 sq.ft open-plan modern villa, was designed with a contemporary vision. Bespoke luxury takes on a whole new meaning, expressed here in every detail through the concept of design and the details of the construction. With a rectangular floor plan...

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FLORIDA RIVER BANK CLUBHOUSEThe exterior of the Florida River Bank Clubhouse is an artistic rendering of a giant game of building blocks, with two 20-foot shipping containers straddling a modern glass and concrete structure. The oriental blue containers project out of...

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