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Florida River Bank Clubhouse

The exterior of the Florida River Bank Clubhouse is an artistic rendering of a giant game of building blocks, with two 20-foot shipping containers straddling a modern glass and concrete structure. The oriental blue containers project out of the glass box, set against the background of a chic charcoal black residential complex. A yellow chocolate-slab door catches the light and directs the crowd into the creative retreat.
Inspired by industrial New York lofts, the clubhouse is a bright and modern open space. To cater to the young residents of the Florida Riverbank community, the communal space offers eclectic charm with pops of primary colors, statement furniture pieces and artwork including prints from The New Yorker.
An incredibly large, imaginative space where every angle takes advantage of its surrounding view, with warm spotlights contrasting against industrial grey flooring. A massive slab of live-edged wood, a stylish white-hued library, furniture in organic forms from KOY’s inaugural collection and a dash of fresh greenery all come together to create the ideal environment for an evening away from humdrum everyday life. The factory-like grid windows bring the beautiful light of dawn and dusk into the space.