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Francesco Mottini (Carrara 1985) graduated in 2010 in Architecture at the University of Florence.

During his university career he distinguished himself in architectural and urban planning. In 2008 at the Architectural Association of London, he took part in the Masterplan project on the area of Whitechapel east London.

Arch. Francesco Mottini has worked in several national architectural studios, in 2010 he opened his studio of Architect in Carrara.

Mottini made several experiences abroad, including the concept for a Masterplan project in China (2011).

Arch. Francesco Mottini is a member of the Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservatories of Carrara.


Stonecycle Showroom Milan

  Stonecycle Showroom Milano In the PopUp Gallery in Pontaccio street in Brera Area, Mr. Mottini has designed an installation that is about the world of this new brand. He designed and created specifically for this project the showcases in […]

Francesco Mottini, welcome to Home Italia

  Francesco Mottini, a young and promising architect from Tuscany and with a great educational background and ambition, joined the HOME Italia club. After graduating, Mottini worked in several international studios, also dealing with complex and varied projects, such as […]



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