Claudia Pelizzari

Home is our refuge, our well-being, the place of projects, hopes, defeats, smiles and tears. It is the place of life.

Claudia Pelizzari is an internationally renowned interior designer.

Her realizations include residences, hotels, restaurants. Her style is eclectic and she likes to combine pieces she has designed with different elements that range from modern to contemporary art, winking at Japan. Her studio is staffed by architects, interior designers, lighting, landscape and industrial designers who, working with Italian craftsmen, create tailor-made projects of absolute uniqueness.

Claudia has been an external consultant for Interior Design degrees at the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano and a lecturer at the Academy. She likes to use natural materials that do not impact the system and lives in a house in the woods with large windows overlooking the city.


A shelter for dreams

Above, the ancient foliage of a maritime pine; below, the endless declinations of the Maremma greenery. The tree house was born there, immersed in the violet blossoms of lavender […]

Welcome to the club!

Once again this week the HOME Italia club is pleased to welcome international architecture studios! We continuously create connections between professionals[…]


Claudia Pelizzari Interior Design®

Palazzo Materossi, Corso Matteotti 54, 25122 Brescia (ITALY)
Tel. +39 030 290088
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