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A Shelter for dreams

Above, the ancient foliage of a maritime pine; below, the endless declinations of the Maremma greenery. The tree house was born there, immersed in the violet blossoms of lavender and the shades of silver of the centuries-old olive trees.

A dream that lives in our childhood memories has become reality for a married couple who decided to leave behind the hectic life of Milan. Suspended 7 meters above the ground, this house offers an unparalleled view of the surrounding territory that ends on the horizon in the waters of the sea of Tarquinia. The 87 sqm interior was designed by architect Claudia Pelizzari, who wanted to satisfy the needs of her customers down to the smallest detail.

The refuge is an architectural masterpiece, the largest of its kind in Europe, a combination of wild life and high-tech comfort. The play of contrasts and transparencies, along with the bland of glamour and natural simplicity, contribute to create an elegant and essential atmosphere, which offers a unique and timeless experience.

The breakfast corner, where the simplicity of two black Panton Chairs meet the natural essence of a rough saw-cutting table, overlooks a century-old olive grove. A glass window opened onto the greenery faces the sleeping area, where the bed is placed against a wall covered with Bucchero tiles, a ceramic material of Etruscan origin. Behind it, a sequence of transparent walls allows a glimpse of the small studio and dressing room.