Design concept: the precipitation, taste, tolerance and balance of excellent designers can guide the lifestyle and quality of life of customers. Family adornment, the function is more important than beautiful, lifestyle is more important than so – called style. So, what stylist should do, it is not just to let this home look better, more still want to make it better use. As a result, designers need to spend a lot of time to communicate with customers, deep into the details of life. He has to consider not only whether a house design is beautiful, but also a change in lifestyle.

Personal Profile: worked for 22 years; Member of IAI Asia-pacific Architecture Interior Designers Alliance, Chongqing District; Member of IFI International Association of Interior Architects (Interior Designers); Member of Interior Design Branch of Architectural Society of China (CIID); Professional Member of China Interior Decoration Association (CIDA); China registered senior interior designer.

Project: Poly Golf Building 77, Chongqing




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