SKY, Master in the Field of Private Residence Customization

SKY is a renowned interior architect and the most influential expert for Private Residence Customization in China. He’s introduced the American custom mode for private residences to China and established the SPECIAL Design MTM System by setting up SPECIAL Milan following SPECIAL Los Angeles, SPECIAL Shanghai) and SPECIAL Hangzhou. With the working experience of the architectural design of starred hotels and the 20-year experience of Private Residence Customization) heJs leading the team of SPECIAL to focus on the customization of private residences for successful people in China.

Cooperate with VERSACE to Provide Expertise for Private Residence Customization

In response to the invitation by the Chinese branch of VERSACE CERAMICS, heJs assumed the post of the chief custom expert. By utilizing the international design resources of VERSACE, he aims to provide help for designers who are troubled with their stagnant skills and who want a breakthrough in their career to have breakthroughs in the aspects of customer operation, engineering management, customization resources, workmanship, working procedure, etc, to ensure a smooth implementation of the whole project.

Project: Chinese Club,  Qiantang River




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