Founder/design director of Dao Mei Hui(Hangzhou) Design Co,LTD Director of No,5 design department
(Zhejiang Yinjian Decoration Engineering Co., LTD) Founder of Da Mei Hui Deceration Design (Bejing) Co,LTD .

1981,Born in Chongqing, China,graduatd fron Eastern Liaoning University in 2002. After2002,during working in Shanghai and Beijing in 15 years, furthar studied in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts and Tokyo Univorsity of The Arts.

Mainly engeged in senior clubs,hotels,commercial space, office buildings,real estate sales ofhce, real estate model room, high-end mansion and villa and high-end custom private interior design consul- tancy work.

Participated in and independently completed the design of some large and medium scale decoration projects in China for many times;

 From solution design to planning cost efective to provide customers with the best dsign solutilons,providing a set gf customized services, interior design, product customized processing as one of the overall solution.

Lead its design team, afte years of adhering to the spirit of crafts- man, unity of knwedge and practice,creativity  first.

Project: Model Room in Jia Xing, Zhejiang




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