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27 Gennaio 2022



We are proud to share with all of you that Visionnaire is now officially part of our project. Since 2004 Visionnaire has formulated a distinctive style, based on lively experimentation on materials,volumes of unexpected poise and inimitable motifs that reveal the totally Italian background of thecompany. Thanks to collaboration with a team of eclectic, visionary Italian and foreign designers, thecompany is an ideal partner for bespoke proposals in residential and contract applications, luxuryhotellerie, as well as the yachting and aviation sectors. The brand operates in over 55 countries, thanks to over 30 exclusive monobrand stores and a network department stores and multi-brand showrooms all over the world. The brand bases its activity on the value of knowledge and continuing research on the concept of contemporary beauty, confirming its exceptional ability to create design projects and products of outstanding sartorial workmanship, fostering and restoring value to the skills of local artisans located across the Italian territory. 

“We have chosen HOME Italia, as an international club of reference in the design sector, to develop new relationships with professionals and potential clients. The goal is undoubtedly to increase our presence in high-end projects, through which Visionnaire expresses its vocation to design unique solutions and to realize the true dream home for its customers” said Leopoldo Cavalli, CEO of Visionnaire.

Benefit company from 2021, Visionnaire defines its business as a promoter of positive value for the community and intends to pursue, in the exercise of economic activity, one or more positive effects – or reduce negative effects – towards people, communities, territories and environment.