Damilanostudio Architects designed a beautifully landscaped villa on the slopes of the Valtellina mountains.

Villa GEEF was born in a compromised context in the first outskirts of Sondrio (SO, Italy) within a lot that was used as a relax time place by employees of an electric company. The large lot was in fact occupied by a building and playgrounds all around

Photos by Andrea Martiradonna.

Despite the existing fabric, the area was presented with great potential due to his size and the surrounding mountain landscape characterized by the typical vineyards of Valtellina. If in the first intention of the client there was a desire to build a multi-storey villa, the project developed byDamilanostudio Architects focused on a villa laying on the ground floor only, in order to ensure comfort and a direct relationship with the surrounding landscape, including a vineyard and a private park.

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The chosen furniture includes such names as B&B Italia, Cassina, Edra, Fantini, Gessi and Rimadesio, laid on the elegant walnut and oak flooring by Fiemme 3000.

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