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27 Gennaio 2022



The year 2022 starts with great signs of recovery and the parterre of our club expands further. Today the VG brand, an example of high quality Made in Italy manufacturing, joins the team. The company was founded in 1991 in Treviso, 20 km from Venice. «This unique city can teach the art of beautiful things, architectural proportions, the use of different materials and inspiration from distant cultures» dichiarano da VG.

The brand proposes a collection of authentic and unique objects available to interior designers for use in exclusive projects, always different, never conformist, characterised by a cultured and moderately ostentatious luxury, the result of continuous research on stylishly decorative design. These are objects and furnishing accessories “timeless”, unique pieces that are inspired by nature, chandeliers also of large size, all produced from living material, suitable for being moulded and taking the most original shapes and appearences. VG work to bring touch of glamour for any environment, also through la realizzazione di composizioni floreali e set per spazi pubblici.

VG says that the meeting with HOME Italia took place during the last edition of the Index Dubai fair, thanks to the presence of CEO Luca Valle. «We chose to join the club because we consider the form of approach to marketing and market penetration really innovative. We expect to be present with several products in the interior projects followed by HOME Italia General Contractor».