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14 Settembre 2021



Turri, a long-standing exporter of Italian design worldwide, is continuing its expansion with the opening of a new showroom in London. Internationally renowned for its luxury furniture collections, Turri is pursuing its company mission, choosing the exclusive setting of the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, a well-established hub of British and European design culture.

The project for the new London showroom was entrusted entirely to the creative mind of Andrea Bonini, the brand’s foremost designer, who developed the concept of the interiors and inserted elements to maximise the approximately 200 m2 surface area of the second floor of the iconic Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. The showroom embodies Turri’s most modern dimension, taking its inspiration from the Milan Flagship Store concept but enhancing and slightly modifying it with a series of more international and cosmopolitan interiors. The portrait of a contemporary living concept, located in a new international setting.

The elegant materials chosen for the project underline and bring out the sophisticated style of Turri, perfectly transplanted into the London space. The material colour palette highlights all the company’s expertise, revolving around stylish shades of grey, which alternate with a series of dividing elements in top-quality smoked glass, introduced to emphasise Turri’s new contemporary and modern character. The layout project showcases the exceptional business skills and artisanal qualities that have helped the company firmly establish itself on the global markets. The distinctive element of Andrea Bonini’s work is the installation of a special storage unit conceived and developed exclusively for this context. Its bookcase structure includes a series of compartments with doors used for storing cups and glasses as well samples it is made from the same materials found throughout the space, a common denominator that ties the whole showroom together. The collections that form part of the project showcase Turri’s latest products and reveal its new contemporary spirit: ZERO, MELTING LIGHT and ECLIPSE are used and reinterpreted through the introduction of new elements like fine fabrics, wools and velvets, which together with the original lacquered colours have just been presented at the most recent Salone del Mobile.

The London showroom is a new international hub that will enable a new and discerning public to discover the quality and the universe of Turri, a long-established exponent and promoter of ‘Brand Italy’, in a space that will perfectly reflect the identity of the ‘New Turri’.