Training lesson in Hangzhou by Maurizio Lai Architect – 15th December 

Bringing together Chinese and foreign industry leaders, opening up the second impetus from design supervisors 丨 Optical design – Refining Elite class 100 students are recruiting from around the world!

Optical Design 13 November
Optical Design – Intensive Course
The optical project was jointly sponsored by Qiu Deguang, founder of the famous Chinese designer “New Decorationism” and honorary dean, while he co-developed as a strategic media the famous Italian interior design magazine “HOME Italia”. Exceptional instructors and students will not only have full media coverage of “HOME Italia”, but will also have media visibility in China.

This intensive course lasted 3 days and 2 nights and brought together the best faculties in the industry to focus on fields divided within a broad model, covering the basic theories of design projects and international trends. Comprehensive design training.

丨 The dilemma of teaching duck filling 丨

In the age of knowledge payment, with the improvement of personal economic capabilities, “payment” itself is no longer a problem and the choice of “knowledge” becomes the key. The design industry is also the same: the training courses are warm and fast, the level of trainees varies and the size of the office is inadequate.

14-16 December 2019
Omissions for traditional courses
Optical Intensive Course
100 colleagues in the sector
Intensive training of 3 days and 2 nights
Fairy line of 4 large coffees
Combined with limited class sizes
Large-format, carefully cut CVs
Let learning truly reap its value

First lesson

Song Jianming arr Fiction of color and space
Time: 14 December


Song Jianming
Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of the China Academy of Art, Professor, PhD Supervisor
China Science and Technology Association
Deputy Director of the Graphic Art Committee of the China Artists Association
Honorary Vice President of the China Fashion Color Association
Honorary member of the International Color Institute (AIC) Environmental Color Design Research Group (SG ECD)
Design director of the Asian Games Organizing Committee of Hangzhou 2022

You may not know Song Jianming, but many of the color works he designed must have been seen, he presided over the color planning of more than a hundred cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Xi’an. The color design of historic buildings such as the China Pavilion of World Expo 2010, the headquarters of the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the “color of ink and light” of the color theme of the city of Hangzhou and the color of subway lines used by citizens are also related to Song Jianming. On August 2 this year he officially became director of visual image design of the Asian Games in Hangzhou.


“China Red” at the China Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo

As former vice president of the China Academy of Art and director of the Color Research Institute, Song Jianming called himself a “lascivious”. He said that “lechery” can have unique cues in color. As he said, it can also be called a book in color studies and has written professional books such as “Department of Modern Design – Basics of Design and Modeling” and “Color Design in France. The depth of academic research, combined with the breadth of practical application, has finally reached its deepest approach to color.


Second lesson

Maurizio Lai 丨 Lighting and interiors
Time: 15 December

Maurizio Lai
/ Original interpreter of contemporary aesthetics
Graduated from the Venice School of Architecture and Politecnico di Milano
Won the RBDA British Award and the International Best Lighting Award
Nominated for the ArchMarathon Best Commercial Retail Award
Finalist for Best Internal Practice 2018
Works published extensively in renowned architecture and design magazines

The Paduan architect Maurizio Lai studied architecture and design in Venice and at the Politecnico di Milano, then he founded the LAI studio in Milan in 1988.

His unique insights into synergies in architecture and interior design have allowed him to gain wide recognition and praise in residential, commercial, hotel and private design projects. As an original interpreter of contemporary aesthetics, his work is defined in an instinctive way, which must be reflected in the originality of his lighting design. Praised for his exceptional work, his style is considered one of the most interesting contemporary Italian styles.


Third lesson

Zheng Bingkun 丨 Minimalist deconstructor
Weather: 16 December (morning)

Zheng Bingkun
/ Design Circle Gu Tianle
Founder of Danny Cheng Interiors Ltd.
Representative of minimalism and high-end interior design in Hong Kong
Winner of the Asia-Pacific Interior Design Award for three consecutive years
He has won more than 100 national and foreign awards including the Golden Ring iC @ ward Global Interior Design Award
Denmark’s first luxury brand B & O Hong Kong’s first designer in China
Published design works “Homework: Zheng Bingkun Interior Design”, “One to ten”, “The existence of design”, etc..

The name “Interior Architect” is not uncommon in the industry, but there are very few and the new generation of Hong Kong design figures, Zheng Bingkun, is well deserved. He graduated from the Whampoa Military Academy in design and is a representative of minimalist interior designers in Hong Kong.

Catalonia Garden, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Zheng Bingkun’s strength has won industry recognition and his work is known in the design community of Asia Pacific for its simplicity, space and architectural beauty. Since 2018, he has participated in over 300 case design projects and his aesthetic concept has been extended to other areas: from the development of small-scale private homes with simple architectural and design richness to participation in new real estate development projects in China, Hong Kong and Macao, including the design of model homes, clubs and large sales rooms. In recent years, the business has expanded to include modern times and beautiful residences and hotel design elements.

Private residence in Hong Kong

Fourth lesson

Qiu Deguang in-depth analysis analysis of design cases of Suzhou
Weather: 16 December (afternoon)

Qiu Deguang
/ Neo-decorative master
Qiu Deguang Design, founder of the home furnishings brand Deguangju
Honorary Dean, School of Optical Design and International Design
Chinese design leader 2018
“Forbes is China’s most influential designer.
Robb Report Best Choice of the Year
“Hurun Report” China’s most influential designer
As one of the country’s leading masters of design, Qiu Deguang often appears on the list of ideal guests of major design exhibition forums and industry training institutions. The so-called Jinshuiloutai platform has the moon first, in this intense class, our honorary dean, Mr. Qiu Deguang, will still make the final.

Xinghewan Garden Hotel

As we all know, Qiu Deguang combined Art Deco with oriental aesthetic style, formed Neo Art Deco (neo-decorative) and swept the whole of China. From the famous work of the upper chamber of NAGA, to the galaxy that caused a great shock in the industry, to the cloud chair that debuted in Milan in 2016, and “Metropolitan Upstart” this year, has always maintained a unique personal style at the forefront of the times. The label is single: in the context of the real market, how does it address the evolving market demand in the project? At that time, it will bring a precise analysis of personal cases, retrace the complete context of Qiu-style design and practically improve the students’ airplane configuration capacity through tasks and reviews.

Tangbei Asakusa Villa 107

Welcome dinner / design speech
Qiu & Zheng Design Conversation / Closing Ceremony

Participants who have participated in previous design conferences and speeches may still be aware of the atmosphere at that time: the tutors were sitting on stage in a comfortable and relaxed state, communicating with each other or asking questions to the students. The distance between the stage and the stage was temporarily eliminated by interaction, replaced by calm and calm wit.

Design Night Talk
ol (30) .jpg
Design Talk

Based on the original base, this intensive class specially organized various forms of communication activities, including design conferences and conferences, to continue creating a collision field for designers. With the development of various courses, the School of Optical Design and International Design is increasingly becoming a platform for interactive learning among design elites across the country. “Course Eggs” will also provide design elites with opportunities to further familiarize themselves with each other through welcome dinners and truly realize the inter-domain cohesion of the forces of the industry.

-Seminars Review Course Review-

Optical design – International Design Institute

“Optical Design International Design Institute” is a comprehensive design improvement course for designers. Young designers are the new generation of Chinese design, which takes on extraordinary responsibilities of the times. As young designers from the backbone of the design industry, most of them have become senior designers and design directors of the company.

They already have some design experience and many have entrepreneurial skills. They need to systematically and comprehensively improve their overall skills in order to master multiple skills. These young groups of designers urgently need to learn from some experienced design seniors, so as to solve the professional confusion in different stages.

As a Chinese design leader and world-renowned Chinese design master, Qiu Deguang is compatible with ancient and modern and western Chinese, has a diverse aesthetic, has a high artistic taste and has a high voice among young designers. Based on the current social context, it also comes from the hope of young designers nationwide. Mr. Qiu said that “the greatest sadness of interior designers is that they have no commercial value. Between “feeling” and “commercial”, Mr. Qiu has found the right balance, allowing companies to push feelings into a vast world. Therefore, Deguangju, BRIC Hefu and Jiangnan Famous Teachers College jointly launched “Optical Design – International Design Institute”. Qiu Deguang will be the main honorary to share insights into design and wonderful works for more than 30 years and invite colleagues from famous global designers jointly promote the professional growth of young outstanding designers and fundamentally promote the development of the design industry.

In April 2019, Optical Design and “HOME Italia” reached a strategic cooperation. As a Greater China subsidiary of the well-known Italian magazine “HOME Italia”, it integrates the superior resources of both sides and combines them with strong resources and regularly sends Greater China’s best designers to international design media, enabling exceptional designers to travel abroad and around the world.

The School of Optical Design and International Design hopes to become an accelerating incubator for the growth of emerging young designers: a team of professors composed of national and international academic authorities, industry celebrities, experts and scholars will nurture more exceptional design talents. While young designers improve their ability to cope with changing social trends, they may also be unique and interpretable at the moment.