Today, another Italian excellence joins the HOME Italia club. We are pleased to welcome Thermarble, a company that combines the beauty of the natural stone with the most advanced heating technologies, to obtain radiators that become real design objects, the main characters of the home environment. The only visible element is the marble slab, while the technological elements are completely hidden. Thermarble means Made in Italy: from the design and technology to the stones, which are extracted from Italian quarries. Corrado Cerri, founder, and CEO of Thermarble, said: “My professional background is linked to the traditional business of mining and processing marble and granite. My family is from the province of Novara, which is considered the national thermo-sanitarian and hydro district. So, I had the idea to combine the most advanced technologies of my territory with natural stone to create something new. Taking part in trade fairs and events, I have never seen any proposal similar to the one I have developed with Thermarble”. Each product is a unique piece, thanks to its veins and shades of color. The brand offers endless possibilities for customization to the architects and the designers. In fact, each model can be made in different sizes, it can be installed horizontally or vertically, and the stone can be chosen from a large catalog. The full integration of the technology in a single marble slab allows easy integration with any type of system. The reduced thickness of Thermable radiators makes their installation very easy. “Our radiators – continues Cerri – are radiant panels in non-metallic material, so they possess two peculiar characteristics compared to traditional radiators: they do not create electric magnetic fields and do not move the dust, because they avoid the formation of whirlwinds of hot air”. Therefore, Thermarble could be used even in non-domestic environments such as luxury hotels, health clubs, SPAs, and medical studies.

Corrado Cerri has a very clear vision of his company. This is reflected even in his expectations of the HOME Italia project: “More than the visibility in terms of advertising in the magazine, on the web and social media, I believe that the importance of the HOME Italia project lies in the network of people who have been able to create. Thermarble is a new product, so I expect to have contacts with architectural firms, contractors and builders, with the aim of expanding the business even outside Italy”.