Functional flexibility through emotions

Home is above all the abode of our spirit and our dreams; a positive place in which to feel “safe,” but also a haven in which we recognize and rediscover ourselves. In this sense, the home evolves together with our lives, spaces and functions become as mutable as our emotions and our needs. Flexibility to adapt to change is a fundamental paradigm of its architecture, and of the design objects we choose, due to the emotions they stimulate as they become irreplaceable presences in our world.

Visionnaire has worked in two directions: on the architectural dimension – an already mutable space that has changed even more in recent years – but also on the definition of unique, ingenious furnishings, driven by a desire for functional versatility.

The Babylon Rack project – entirely designed by Alessandro La Spada, as the evolution of the iconic Babylon model – has been conceived as a work of modular mini-architecture, with many functional features for studying, working and relaxing. In recent years these activities have taken place inside the home, and have had a growing impact on the nature of domestic spaces, facing us with a new challenge: to think of every room as a dwelling in its own right, complete and independent.

Associated with different uses across the span of the day, the modular sofa is also perfect as a work zone, thanks to the accessorized compartments obtained by recessing the padded back to create shelves and object caddies, with built-in LED lighting. Babylon Rack is covered in Pray, a special new leather with antibacterial properties, effective up to 99%. The sofa also comes with an innovative wirless system – inserted in the armrests – that permits recharging of lamps and smartphones.

The Barnaby reading lamp has been designed as an extension of the upholstery, without wires: the rectangular base can be lodged along the linear top of the armrests of the sofa for wireless recharging. The lamp features a diffuser with a circular or linear form.

The Egoiste chaise longue, the Building low table and the Polaris collection of lamps, as well as the Barbican low cabinet and console, complete the new range of offerings in a multifunctional, fluid relaxation area for every moment of the day, designed by Alessandro La Spada.

A chair of one’s own, for reading or work, is the inspiration behind the design of the Egoiste chaise longue: the rigid chassis suggests the form of a seashell, with enveloping, organic and extremely ergonomic lines. Egoiste has been envisioned as a seat that welcomes and supports the forms of the human body, an invitation to enjoy moments of personal wellbeing. The light steel structure of the legs, with a “rounded X” form, seems to make the seat float.

The low Building table reveals a perspective game of full and empty portions. While on one side the perspective displays five tops at different heights, from above the top seems like a single linear piece, in which the natural image of the Patagonia marble is continuous and clearly legible.

The new Barbican family, composed of a low cabinet and a console, stands out for a top on two levels, made with different materials: the upper level in wood is separated from the lower level in Port Laurent marble by means of a metal profile. The doors of the low cabinet also have a double finish: one is in matte wood, while the other has three-dimensional cannet  workmanship. The base, set back from the body of the cabinet, is in satin-finish steel.

The Button duo of low tables has a top and base in Patagonia marble. The design is understored by a metal structure with rounded corners, joining the two marble disks.

The new Polaris suspension lamp is an example of craftsmanship and modular design that give rise to a unique yet reproducible product. The lamp with a circular form is made through the combination of concave parts in aluminium, completed by a diffuser in onyx with an organic form. This sophisticated chandelier unites the worlds of technology and nature.

Redding is an outdoor cot defined by a linear silhouette and a contemporary image. The structure, with light, clean lines, is in polished mahogany, enhanced by steel feet. The height-adjustable seat is in outdoor fabric with a headrest roll. The project is completed by the low Redding table, with the same structural characteristics as the cot, and a top in Patagonia marble.