From an old barn, belonged to the Pavoncelli counts in the second half of the 1800s, a wine house (known for the “Bianco di Lusso”, today no longer in production), from an American aviation military base during the Second World War to a banquet hall in the last decade…the estate is immersed in a park of 15 hectares (120 hectares the property) in the countryside of the Ofanto Valley, in full “Tavoliere delle Puglie”.

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  • Restyling of the “Sala Giulia” (characterized by ancient wooden trusses) …in the living room, was used sometimes the stone of Trani for flooring and furniture, in classic style, all played in shades of white and dove-gray with some ceramics from Grottaglie by Enza Fasano. A succession of conversation corners that introduces the real hall where the reception is held. Here the marble “yellow of Egypt” was used as a floor, the ancient trusses were intentionally left in essence and unglazed of white as the sloping roof. The walls have been painted in stripes (white and dove-gray and embellished with a “lambris” in white lacquered wood.

As decoration, there are the applique in the shape of a jar and the ceramic sculptures depicting olive branches (the true “spirit” of Puglia).

  • Design of the “Winter Garden” … in the living room, characterized by the ancient trusses in cast iron, the stone of Trani was used for the flooring and the lime for the walls, some ceramics by Grottaglie by Enza Fasano, some design vases of Serraluga, of the lamps of Adriani & Rossi and of the furniture on design of the study. A series of conversation corners (also obtained in the veranda) acts as a filter between the living room and the new winter garden.

A restyling born to marry the Apulian tradition, devoted to conviviality, with the refined atmosphere of French décor … 500 square meters (Sala Giulia) dedicated to a fairytale wedding in a dream location and 1.500 square meters (Winter Garden) reinterpreted in a contemporary way, dedicated to ceremonies/events/meetings/conferences. 



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ARCAHORNThe history of Arcahorn is inextricably linked to the passion for craftsmanship of its founder, Mario Guerra, who in the early 50's started working zebu horn in a small workshop. In 1958 he set up in Recanati his own company specialized in the processing of...

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CIPRIANI HOMOODWelcome to HOME Italia The young and sparkling Cipriami Homood brand has chosen to become a partner of the HOME Italia club. Cipriani Homood's corporate vision is very clear: to capture the attention through a complete line of furniture designed to...