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14 Settembre 2021



2020 has been a year full of surprises and valuable news, and we believe Supernova, to be one of those valuable news to share with our lovers. Supernova, designed by our Designer and Art Director, Fabio Arcaini, is a collection that takes inspiration from modern, clean and timeless shapes and geometries from the 21st century. The collection protract towards the future, it is like a hymn to the stars and the universe.

We always look up to the sky, dreaming of what is going to come, but this time, we can feel the stars a little closer, we can make them tangible, and realistic. The combination of new materials, together with innovative technologies, make all this possible. Supernova, was in a way a test for us, a different approach to the world of upholstery, a whole new way to translate ideas into shapes. Creating spaces where design, aesthetics and functionality meet in an embrace.

We are approaching a new era, for those who believe in it, there will be a new way of living the furnitures that surround us, we need to work on this belief, and we are sure that working hard towards that aim, we will overcome this obstacle and become, once again, a reference in this beautiful design universe.