Bitossi Home confirms its trend to create a complete and coordinated style as far as table setting up is concerned, capable of telling the beauty of its land where nature, tradition and cosmopolitan spirit coexist. A constant quest for ideas that can combine ceramic material, glass, wood and new materials is the brand’s strong point.

BIJOUX, chopping board

Jewel-like chopping board made of beech wood with wood-turned handle and lacquer painted parts.


Designer: Ilaria Innocenti

Materials: natural beech wood with lacquer painted parts.

Colours: pink, blue, red, grey, ochre.

Round: L. 40 cm – D. 20 cm – H. 3 cm
Oval: L. 46 cm – D. 18 cm – H. 3 cm

BIJOUX_Ilaria-Innocenti_Bitossi-Home_1-1 FC fabrizio cocchi
BIJOUX_Ilaria-Innocenti_Bitossi-Home_2-1 FC fabrizio cocchi

CABARET, food tray

Series of metal trays available in six different powder coating colours.


Designer: Ciszak Dalmas

Materials: powder coated metal.

Colours: pink, light blue, blue, turquoise, red and beige.

Hexagonal: L. 50 cm – D. 33 cm – H. 5 cm
Octagonal: L. 40 cm – D. 25 cm – H. 5 cm
Rectangular: L. 40 cm – D. 25 cm – H. 5 cm

CABARET_Ciszak-Dalmas_Bitossi-Home-1-500x378 FC fabrizio cocchi

DESIGUAL, glasses

Series of blown glasses available in different shapes and colours. Dishwasher-safe.


Material: glass.

Colours: transparent or assorted colours.

Chalice: H. 23,5 cm
Tumbler: H. 10 cm
Ice-cream cup: H. 8,5 cm
Liqueur: H. 6 cm
Tea-light:H. 4 cm

DESIGUAL_Tea-Light_Bitossi-Home_2a-1-271x300 FC fabrizio cocchi
DESIGUAL_Tea-Light_Bitossi-Home_1a-1-271x300 FC fabrizio cocchi

FRUITS, candles

Fruit-shaped candles, glossy and matte.


Materials: wax.

Colours: green, red, sky-blue, yellow, pink, blue.

Apple: h 12 cm – Ø 13 cm
Pear: h 17 cm – Ø 10,5 cm

FRUTTA_Banana_Bitossi-Home-2-1-199x300 FC fabrizio cocchi
FRUTTA_Pera_Bitossi-Home-1-199x300 FC fabrizio cocchi
FRUTTA_Mela_Bitossi-Home-1-199x300 FC fabrizio cocchi

MALMO, table decor

Malmo, available in four different frosted nuances, brings to the table a touch of colour accompanied by an elegant linear silhouette.


Materials: stoneware.

Colours: blue, grey, red, pink.

Round tray: Ø 30 cm
Flat plate: Ø 27 cm
Fruit plate: Ø 20,5 cm
Lunch plate: Ø 21 cm
Salad bowl: Ø 22 cm
Cup: Ø 14 cm
Espresso cup: Ø 6,5 cm – H. 6 cm

MALMO_Giallo_Bitossi-Home-1-300x255 FC fabrizio cocchi
MALMO_Rosa_Bitossi-Home-1-300x255 FC fabrizio cocchi

RIO, mug

Ceramic mug with underglaze decals inspired by graphics of the Eighties. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Designer: Arabeschi di Latte

Materials: ceramic.

Ø 8 cm – H. 9,5 cm

RIO_Tazza_Bitossi-Home-1-250x246 FC fabrizio cocchi

SPOT, glasses

Series of glasses with coloured bottoms. Dishwasher-safe.


Materials: glass.

Colours: Yellow, Grey, Red, Light-blue, Turquoise, Pink.

Jug: Ø 7,5 cm – H. 24,5 cm

SPOT_Bicchiere_Bitossi-Home-1-200x300 FC fabrizio cocchi
SPOT_Caraffa_Bitossi-Home-1-200x300 FC fabrizio cocchi
SPOT_Calice_Bitossi-Home-1-200x300 FC fabrizio cocchi
Cattura-209 FC fabrizio cocchi