Welcome to HOME Italia

Ready to share whith all of you that Giacomo Ortenzi and his architectural firm Ossigeno or now inside HOME Italia.

Ossigeno is a team of architects specialized in sustainability, bio-architecture and interior design. They designs functional solutions, in which experimentation and contamination are transformed into dedicated environments. Ossigeno is a supporter of an approach that respects the environment, translated into architectural projects that take into great consideration the interactions that are established between buildings, places and the community. With an architectural education focused on sustainability, the studio takes its first steps in a double role; on the one hand a local architecture based on the principles of bio-architecture and on the other a strong push towards retail thanks to which the collaboration with Fendi, a brand for which the studio follows the opening of 20 stores in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Over time, the two souls are strengthened to generate a design vision that starting from the research for materials, arrives at an application on various scales, from new buildings to renovations, crossing various areas, from residential to production, from corporate to hospitality up to to the artistic direction that leads to projects related to the world of cuisine.

About HOME Italia Giacomo Ortenzi says: “We met HOME Italia thanks to an acquaintance of ours who joined the magazine team. We were immediately impressed by the club and its potential and it is an honour for our studio to be part of it, to be able to convey our work in the best possible way”.