Luxury architectural projects


The atmosphere of the place and the powerful presence of history influence and inspire the work of the Studio Papiri, not only the decoration and taste, but also its creative approach. A profound analysis of the place where the Studio carries out a project and the study of local culture along with the maximum respect for the architecture of the past, constitute the core values that guide the Studio Papiri in all its works and allow it to achieve a unique, one of a kind result appreciated internationally.

In the hotellerie field, the Studio Papiri is considered the reference point for numerous architects, designers and schools. The Studio Papiri owes its success and continuous growth not only to the artistic and technical preparation, but also to the deep knowledge of the highest level life style of the super luxury hotel customers where they, accustomed to unique and singular exclusive comforts and refinements, meet each other, discuss and experience pleasure in choosing the hotel to stay in; this leads them to come back and increase more and more the importance and reputation of the hotel and the fame of the Studio Papiri.

The Studio always adapts its offers to the place where the projects are carried out. First of all, the adoption concerns the culture without never ignoring the most essential roots of every place where the studio workы. Specialized in modern projects of high level like artistic classic projects, the Studio, however, is always ready to updates with highly advanced resources and technologies. All the designing activity is oriented to the execution of various works including complex organisms on the urban scale; luxury decor and recovery of monuments. The studio’s activity always concerns the architectural meaningful projects and well defined international customers.

Some famous names (our customers) from politics, industry, show business: Prince Al Tajir, the ambassador of the UAE in London, Prince Karim Aga Khan, Princess Margareth of England, Gazprom offices in Moscow, Prince Rainieri from Monaco, Mr. Al Fayed and the house of his son Dodi. And others from show business like Mr. Jack Nicholson, Mr. Sylvester Stallone, Mr. George Clooney and the biggest owners of luxury hotels.