SPATIA Welcome to HOME Italia

We are happy to announce that Spatia is now part of HOME Italia club.

Spatia is an Italian luxury brand focused on providing clients with highly personalized furniture. Its unique products, like the chapters of a fascinating novel, tell the story of the brand with passion and dedication. It’s a story filled with important words such as love, research and creativity.

Each item is custom-made upon the client’s preferences, and it is manufactured through a proprietary know-how combining traditional with cutting-edge technologies and processes.  The result is very distinctive furniture designed to foster conversations and engage in social connections.

With Spatia, form and function elevate to higher levels to reach the moon and go beyond our galaxy. It is a multi-sensorial experience where each and every product is a true lifestyle statement.

Spatia was born from the idea of connecting to a sophisticated clientele that by its nature has an international scope. HOME Italia represents a perfect synthesis between the market and the applied design of Made in Italy. We are honored to represent our country within a consolidated model of B2B development that we consider strategically brilliant and commercially innovative”. Said Stefano Severini, Spatia Founder & CEO