Welcome to HOME Italia

A new company has now joined HOME Italia club. It is SM Living Couture, a manufacturer of high quality Made in Italy furniture. The brand do not forget the territory and craftsmanship, but continues its own personal journey in search of contemporary lines combined with maximum comfort.

SM Living Couture was born in 2017 from the minds’ merger of Gianpiero Pansitta – CEO and Fabio Arcaini – Art director and Designer; the rise to success was fast, imposing the brand already in the first two years at international level, with the opening of stores in the cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Miami, Casablanca. The brand’s motto, which in a very few words tells its philosophy and style, has won the day:’Design is the expression, Luxury is the purpose’

About joining the club, from SM Living Couture said: “We decided to join the club of HOME Italia after having participated in several events and thanks to the friendship relationship that links us personally with the CEO Luca Valle. We believe that the HOME Italia project is an exclusive and high-impact way to convey our brand’s projects and introduce ourselves to new customers, while consolidating the relationship with those already in tune with our design philosophy”.