Already designed in 2004 by Roberto Garbugli, Shane at Bar Maturi was restyled in winter 2017 to add new refined spaces to the renowned pastry shop.

In step with the trends, Shane at Bar Maturi is located in Madonna di Campiglio, one of the most important mountain resorts of Italy

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To give contemporaneity and originality to the existing context, the studio focused on the renewal of materials and colours. The entrance immediately brings into view the bar counter that has kept its unique front covered with cow hair, to which black iron frames have been added to give it a contemporary feel. These were also inserted in the back of the counter to act as a bottle rack. On the slate floor, which has been maintained and revitalised, lay the new tables with wood-effect laminate tops.

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The green of the walls is alternated with the black tones of metal and the purple hues of the seats. The articulated entrance leads to a large hall, where the full-walled mirror has been maintained and, like the bar counter, embellished and reinforced by black iron studs.

Shane at Bar Maturi is now also a restaurant. The old technical room, which used to be hidden behind the walls of the back counter, is now a modern open kitchen run by the chef and his staff.

Also, the outdoor area is furnished with stools and high tables in larch wood. A combination of contemporaneity and local tradition.

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