Inspired by the baroque art of set design and trompe l’oeil, the new collection of floors, wall coverings and wall partitions by Fornace Brioni has been created. Designed by Cristina Celestino, art director of the brand since 2017, the line continues the research of the company, which produces terracotta finishes recovering an ancient and artisanal workmanship, but proposing this traditional material in a new look, new and contemporary flavor.

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The Scenografica collection is based on the ephemeral architecture of the late seventeenth century, taking inspiration mainly from the work of the Galli da Bibiena family, set designers, painters and architects active in the lower Po Valley area (the same as Fornace Brioni) and authors of the Scientific Theatre of Mantua. Celestino studied their works, recovering their colours, decorations and sense of “illusion”. The Scenographic collection includes the floors Capriccio and Trionfo, the wall covering Illusione – which imitates the drapery of a curtain – and the wall partitions Allegoria and Sabbioneta, designed to separate two areas without making a clear closure.


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