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1 Agosto 2022



Scenografica is based on the work of the great set designers of the Italian Baroque, known for their magnificent temporary works of architecture. The red thread is the theme of illusion, which in the Baroque era was the true protagonist of the theatrical experience: arti!ce and art meet on the stage to generate amazement and wonder in the audience. Among the most illustrious references, there is the work of the Galli da Bibbiena family, which from the middle of the 17th century to the end of the 18th century, worked in the Mantua area, home of the historic Fornace Brioni. This family stood out for the creation of true masterpieces, like the “Scienti!c Theater” in Mantua and the church of Sant’Antonio Abate at Villa Pasquali.

Taking her cue from these inventions with their recurring graphic signs and a variegated, impressive range of colors, the designer has developed a process of penetrating abstraction, creating a collection composed of contemporary, evocative floors, facings and partitions.