Mediterranean architecture

A millenary mix of cultures, customs and lifestyles, the Mediterranean is reflected in the walls and ceilings of its architecture, a perfect combination of practical essentiality, inside and outside, and splendid vitality and freshness.

It was on the Spanish coast, in Castellon de la Plana, that at the end of the 1980s the sanahuja&partners architecture studio, founded by the architect Jaime Sanahuja Rochera, was created and it is now also based in Valencia and Ibiza.

The Mediterranean essence that has always characterized the studio becomes the understanding key in the design of private houses, residential buildings, public buildings, offices and restaurants not only in the Mediterranean basin but also in every international project.

Each project is influenced by the sea through its vision of infinity, designed with natural light as the focus point, honouring the culture and traditions of the place and the relation with the landscape.

Like the waves of the sea, the architectural lines also give fluidity to the horizontality and verticality of the space and the landscape becomes an inherent part, creating an architecture that respects the needs of the natural environment in which it is located, always adapting to the orography in the most efficient way.

“Integrating biophilia into architecture is necessary to improve people’s quality of life”
Jaime Sanahuja

It is no coincidence that the mission of sanahuja&partners is to integrate biophilia into every architectural project, that is to say, the inborn tendency of people to create connections with nature, as a fundamental and necessary element to improve the quality of life. People animate the spaces, filling them with vitality: The Mediterranean man loves to live in community and seeks contact with nature and the landscape, which is the soul of this territory. In every project of sanahuja&partners emerges the desire to create spaces and environments that best reflect this need, interpreting the right role of humanity in nature and respecting in turn that of the natural world in human society, finding the eco-sustainable and efficient architectural solution.
The architectural language of sanahuja&partners is therefore translated into the creative freedom that comes from constant and active listening of the client, making each project unique and representative of the territory in which it is born.

An architecture from and for the Mediterranean, in which the studio becomes a spokesman for the authenticity of a territory that has given rise to traditions and customs, in homage to what the Mediterranean culture and history have left in inheritance.

The values of sanahuja&partners

Always try to be at the forefront thanks to technological and innovative tools. Constantly analyse global trends to introduce new features in order to improve and renew design processes.

Ensure user peace of mind when creating projects that safeguard not only the physical and functional comfort of clients, but also psychological comfort.

It is not just a question of creating green buildings, but of satisfying the needs of the human being by generating experiences of well-being. That’s why we develop projects based on social and environmental responsibility that comply with international WELL and LEED standards.

An architecture from and for the Mediterranean where enthusiasm in the conception of ideas, constructive rigor and sensitivity towards the materialization of projects are references in the work of Jaime Sanahuja and his broad interdisciplinary team of young collaborators and partners.

We create connecting solutions based on customer dreams, respecting program requirements, regulations and location.

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CASA SPORONKEN DESCRIPTION  Spronken House Description: Detached house for a sculptorPlace: Comarca del Alcalatén (Castellón)Construction completion date : 2017Construction: Obras y Construcciones Jesús Sales S.L.Area: 410 m2Photographer: Joan Guillamat “This is a...

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SAN LUCAR DESCRIPTION  “The architecture itself must show the values ​​that Sanlucar transmits through the products it grows and markets: ecology, sustainability, quality and freshness."   Thanks to their typical and unique vision inspired by their Mediterranean...

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ESPAI CULTURAL FUNCTIONAL LES USERS DESCRIPTION  Cultural and Multifunctional space Les Useres Description: Building for cultural and recreational activitiesPlace: Calle Figueroles L’Alcalatén, Les Useres (Castellón)Construction completion date : 2018Construction:...

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