Welcome to HOME Italia

The last addiction to HOME Italia exclusive club is sanahuja&partners studio from Spain. Architect Jaime Sanahuja Rochera is the director of the studio, which began its professional activity in the late 80’s in Castellón and currently has offices in Valencia, Castellón and Ibiza, having achieved a significant positioning in the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands. Since 2006, Jaime Sanahuja Rochera has been a lecturer at various international universities and technical forums related to rehabilitation and contemporary Mediterranean architecture. The closeness to Mediterranean culture and essence provide a genuine vision of the profession, which is transferred to projects of all kinds, among which the collaborations with Carlos Ferrater in the European Centre for Innovative Companies and IMPIVA headquarters (1995) along with the Conference Centre and Auditorium of Castellón de la Plana. Likewise, the competitions won for the Sant Joan de Deu institution in Barcelona for the Psychiatry Hospital and the Auditorium of the hospital complex and the one organised by the Cervantes Institute for the Octavio Paz library in Paris.

“We met HOME Italia thanks to our PR studio OGS; based in Milan – they say from sanahuja&partners . From the very beginning, it seemed us an interesting opportunuty and initiative. The HOME Italia club is intrnational and goes well with our strategy of internationalizing projects and collaborating with the most prestigious companies. Finally,  getting in toug with Italian companies is even more fundamental for us”.