Welcome to HOME Italia

We are really happy to announce that the architect Salvatore Spataro is now one of us. He joined HOME Italia club and we are proud of it.
Young and talented, Salvatore Spataro lives and works between Florence and Noto (a town in Sicily). Graduated with honours from the Faculty of Architecture of Florence, Salvatore Spataro collaborated from 2008 to 2016 with the Pierattelli Architectures Srl studio in Florence, dealing with the design of hotels and private residences.Then he opened his own practice. He says: “In both small and large sized projects, the professional approach involves a careful and preliminary analysis of the context and the customer’s needs and, through specific material and spatial research, takes the form of unique and exclusive projects. Dialogue and personal involvement between the various subjects is the necessary fuel for the success of an emotional exchange between those who create the project and who live it”.
In August 2014 Salvatore presented his first Design collection called “Design Meets Sicily”, a self-produced line created with the aim of reinterpreting – in an unprecedented way – elements and characters of Sicilian culture and tradition; the collection was nominated for the prize Compasso d’Oro in the Design for Food and Local Heritage category.
Since 2016 Salvatore has been a consultant for the company Linoleum Gomma Zanaga Srland in 2019 the Art Director of the Le Porcellane | Florence 1948 Brand Currently, the work involves the world of interior design (in the residential and hospitality sectors), and product design.

About HOME Italia Salvatore declares: “I met HOME Italia thanks to the web and social networks.I think it is interesting and stimulating to join this great group for the development of new professional synergies. Collaborations between professionals and companies today are essential for proposing to new markets”.