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14 Settembre 2021



Under the leadership of Creative Director Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Natuzzi Italy returns to draw inspiration from Puglia and the places where it originated. For the brand, he interprets a vision of living that “starts from the earth to return to the earth” Ross Lovegrove, a pioneer of organic design that respects the world around him. Lovegrove designed Ergo, a bedroom composed of complements with natural shapes. All the pieces are free of elements which are harmful to the environment and to men, they are made with responsible, renewable and recyclable materials. The wood used comes from FSC® certified plantations, managed in a correct and responsible way according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. The furniture assemblies have been made by interlocking, without the use of metal parts. The glues used are formaldehyde-free and water-based. The Ergo collection includes a chaise longue, a primordial and futuristic alcove at the same time, a bed with fluid and essential shapes, a chandelier reminiscent of a cloud. In addition to these, there is a generously-profiled servo-mute, a large chest of drawers and a floor lamp with aluminium stems that look like thin branches, a matching carpet and a mirror. Ross Lovegrove said “We have tried to define a new and refined meaning of ecology and sustainability, not only in the intense research made on the evolution of sustainable materials to develop every micro element of the collection, but also to communicate that a global brand like Natuzzi Italia is going through an important moment of evolution. This is a matter of a cause that concerns the life of each and every one of us”.