The company Punto Ciemme joins our Club and brings new professional skills and interesting points of view to the group. Punto Ciemme is a well-established company that designs custom-made furniture for companies and for the contract sector. Working with entrepreneurs and designers they design showrooms, stores, offices, flagship stores, Horeca spaces, exhibition stands, installations and much more. “We give our best in the non-standard, in the tailor-made and in all that has a complexity to be managed and resolved in a beautiful and quality product,” they proudly affirm.

“We offer a complete service, we celebrate the concept of neo-craftsmanship, we have passion for things well-made. We integrate carpentry skills with the experimentation of constructive solutions developed to realize all projects – simple or complex – really special. We refine it all with our project management skills and the use of digital information systems that allow us to better manage the details of each job and the specifics of each customer”. All this is possible thanks to Punto Ciemme’s 40 years of experience and to the strong and cohesive team, like a crew on the board ready to face new challenges and new seas.

On the business opportunity with HOME Italia Laura Calzavara – CEO of Puntoi Ciemme said: “I had the opportunity to meet Luca Valle and his team thanks to the relationship work weaved by one of our new collaborators. Affinities and complementarities immediately emerged. I was able to appreciate Luca’s informal and constructive approach and his great ability to create opportunities in a very concrete way. I believe that joining the HOME Italia network is a great opportunity for us to position our brand at a higher level and to give greater value to the skills of carpenters and professionals who passionately create environments and custom furniture, taking care of every detail and creating spaces where the great brands of design can be even more valued”.