The outdoor according to B&B ITALIA

B&B Italia is preparing for summer with renewed energy, presenting its new collection of outdoor furniture. The new proposals follow the guidelines of color and flexibility and are designed for spaces (domestic or contract) that no longer see a clear break between indoors and outdoors. The new shades in the catalog are inspired by the ones of nature; to the new sophisticated palette are added ethic references, channeled in an “architectural rigor” typical of all B&B Italia production, to create objects in perfect balance between contemporaneity and memory. The outdoor furniture of the B&B Italia 2019 collection includes absolute previews and extensions of existing rages.
Ribes is the new modular system designed by Antonio Citterio. Sofas, chaise longue, poufs, and central elements can be combined with flexibility. The upholstery fabrics wink at South America, the sessions similar to futons instead look forward the East. The two lines of outdoor upholstery “Mirto” and “Erica”, always designed by Citterio, are now updated and offered with more abundant measures for absolute comfort and in new color combinations. The Bay collection by Doshi and Levien has also been enriched with other upholstered items. Instead, the interesting range of complements in natural materials, among which the hand-woven Kyra carpet and the Karam basket-container stand out that are never seen before.
1 Bay, design Doshi and Levien, B6B Italia
2 Erica ’19, design Antonio Citterio, B&B Italia
3 Karam, carpet, B6B Italia
4 Mirto, desig Antonio Citterio, B&B Italia
5 Ribes, design Antonio Citterio, B&B Italia