The Pavilion Le Corbusier in Zurich was reopened to the public after two years of work. This small colorful building is located a few steps from the lake, and it is the last work of the Swiss-French architect and represents a unicum among his projects as entirely built in metal and glass. The pavilion was inaugurated in 1967 and it represented “the perfect building” for Le Corbusier, in which architecture, art, and design blend perfectly. The project is based on the Modular system – a scale of proportions created by Le Corbusier, based on human measurements – and embodies some of the basic principles of the Modern Movement, such as the small roof garden and the “promenade architecturale”, a path inside the building and carefully designed to best experiencing it in all its parts. In the 600 square meters interior, developed over 4 floors, some of Le Corbusier’s most famous furnishings are permanently installed. The Pavilion will be used to host some retrospective monographs dedicated to the Master. The show starts with the “Mon univers” exhibition that investigates Le Corbusier’s passion for collecting through the display of objects that belonged to him and that inspired him.
Until November 17th, 2019.