PROJ1 Welcome to HOME Italia

We are pleased to open the doors to the interesting reality Proj1. The studio in 2000 from an idea of Cristiano Cataneo and Clelia Campobasso, his lifelong companion and valuable interlocutor, to give life to a laboratory of architecture where to let new ideas flow and experiment freely new ways, often provoking with particular elements.

The passion for light animates the style of Cristiano and Clelia: for them, every element must be created, caressed and made unique by light, both natural and artificial.

Proj1 works mainly in the field of interior design, harmoniously combining contemporary and more classic elements thanks to an innate taste and years of experience in retail. The studio knows and uses all kinds of materials, from the most innovative ones to natural solutions with a careful eye to recovery. Together with Essegiesse Design’s technicians and artisans, new custom solutions are experimented and realized, capable of making each project unique.

Cristiano Cataneo also deals with concept spaces for national and international events and green building as a green building technician A.N.A.B. (Associazione Nazionale Architettura Bioecologica).

Cristiano Cataneo and Clelia Campobasso declared: “We got to know HOME Italia thanks to a friend of ours who showed us a copy of the magazine. The potential of the concept immediately became clear to us. For us, being part of this exclusive club is a source of pride and a further opportunity to meet prestigious furnishing brands”.