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Wyndham Grand – Xiangyang, Hubei

  1. Hotel area: 04m²
  2. Number of rooms: 218 rooms
  3. Introduction of all functions
  4. Introduction of hotel brand

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is a full-service upscale brand of Wyndham Hotel Group, with hotels in major business cities and tourist attractions around the world. At Wyndham Hotel, you can experience comfort and luxury, and enjoy gorgeous and elegant public spaces, beautifully designed guest rooms and special dining options. The Wyndham Hotel located in the business area also has corresponding meeting venues and facilities, which can flexibly host meetings and events of various scales, as well as a business center and fitness center. Wyndham is committed to providing every guest with a friendly, pleasant, comfortable and cozy living environment, adhering to the tenet and philosophy of “THERE’S A WYNDHAM WAITING”.

  1. Design specification

The main design theme is the Chinese “hui” ancient concept. A concept that is represented by the use of the warm colours, simple lines and curves.

Tang dinasty main features has been redesigned and adapted to the modern area, creating a peaceful, relaxing but at the same time, fashion and modern environment.

Taking the Tang Dynasty architecture as an extension, incorporating the natural elements helps to achieve the goal to relax the guest and make them fill very comfortable in all the areas.