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The closet is a central piece of furniture, essential in every home. Whether it is a piece of furniture or a walk-in closet, it must combine beauty, quality of materials and finishes to last long.

Freedom to create personal compositions and finishes customization, wide choice of models, sophisticated style, accessorized interiors, attention to details: these are the characteristics of the closet collection by CPRN Homood.

CPRN Homood wardrobe line allows the customer to endless possibilities and helps him to organize the space accordingly to his needs.

The new catalog includes seven different types of modular closets and two walk-in closets. The door becomes the fulcrum of each composition and is represented as a work of art. The material’s range goes from lacquered to wood, from fabric to leather, from cannettè wood to screen-printed or back-lacquered glass. Also the internal parts can be built and created paying attention to the smallest details as a taylor-made product.

Wardrobes and Walk-In closets are a perfect match with the rest of CPRN HOMOOD products, but their strong image can match alone any environment.

For a formal cleanliness combined with maximum contemporaneusness, the Pure door enhances the expressive power of the finishes.

The integrated handle that cuts through the door and resembles the keyboard of a piano marks the opening of a sliding or hinged door closet.

The door is interrupted by a horizontal band delimited by a thin metal profile that allows multiple aesthetic declinations.

Straight lines that cross each other perpendicularly and, engraved in the sliding door, create geometric and regular spaces.

Framing the door as if it were a painting to be enhanced is the strength of this closet that can be with hinged or sliding door depending on your needs.

The simplicity of a smooth door available both in the hinged and in the sliding version is interrupted by a thin horizontal metal line that allows to make different combinations of materials and colors while maintaining simplicity and formal elegance.

The elegance and transparency of glass, combined with the metal profile, gives life and space to an original closet that easily adapts to any type of room. The customization of the glass allows a total transparency alternated with a serigraphy that reproduces the chevron and stripes pattern typical of the brand CPRN Homood.



The special feature is found above all in the possibility of combining different materials that make up the doors.

Infinity & infinity open belong to the family of walk-in closets and can be presented either with a glass hinged door framed by a metal frame or completely free, open to enhance the rationalization of space with open compartments.