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Turri Flagship store

Overseen by Andrea Bonini, the designer who has created several must-have collections for Turri, the project is designed to fully reflect the company’s new, more modern image. Given its exclusive location, the space was intended as a prestigious fashion store or art gallery. Warm, welcoming and sophisticated, the new interiors are centred on a palette of fine-quality materials, chosen to frame and showcase the items on display. From dark, glossy lacquered oak in an elegant texture to artisan-finished opaque Venetian stucco, there are clear references to stylish Italian interiors from the past. Andrea Bonini has matched them with architectural elements evoking the culture of the East, such as the large suspended grilles.

“All the partitioning elements,” explains the designer, “were made to look like separate parts, but they are actually used to create a dialogue between the different levels and transparencies. From the outside, it is easy to see just how vast the interior is, even though the different spaces are clearly demarcated. Light also plays a part in emphasising the various levels, and much thought went into designing the lighting elements”.

Providing a visual connection between each area of the showroom is the arabesque marble flooring, which creates a light linear pattern with decorative metal features.

The new Turri showroom is a stylish place to meet and do new business or simply seek out inspiration; a space to rediscover the history and “value of design” in the heart of Milan.