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HOME Italia brings you back in the most crowded country in the world to discover an exclusive private residence of 360 sqm. We are on the 32nd floor of the prestigious and exclusive T5 tower in the new luxury residential complex built along the bay of Shenzhen, a few kilometers away from Hong Kong. One Shenzhen Bay District is a prestigious and dynamic context, a landmark of China’s economic growth. UNN Group Ltd, official Visionnaire dealer with a luxurious mono-brand store in Shenzhen, has designed this elegant private residence with extraordinary connotations in terms of profile and language. This exciting project features the art direction of “Enlightened Visionary” Alvin Grassi, Italian architect owner of the namesake Design Studio in Milan. The interior design features elements of precious uniqueness in balance between contemporary taste and respect for the past, revealing a new concept of luxury that the designer himself loves to define “crippling”, in line with the urban lifestyle of eastern futuristic instant cities.

Formerly luxury was flaunted, boasted, shown off on the gaudy facades and lounges of palaces covered with marble of extravagant colours. Those materials – now banished by contemporary design – have given way to the need for purity and simplicity. Nowadays, when global industry kills individualism, the term luxury has gathered a new meaning. The most exciting aspect of our mission is to create a refined, comfortable and balanced environment, where people can feel at ease and improve the aesthetic perception of their lives. Only in this way we can prevent the depersonalisation of the most elegant streets of modern cities featuring the same brandsproducts and showcases in favour of new, surprising, extraordinary spaces”, says Alvin Grassi.

The choice of furniture and accessories is the result of a tasteful combination of styles from different historical eras and geographical areas, which at times reminds English Victorian architecture, sometimes French Art Deco, but also Italian Neoclassicism.
There is a fine line between perfection and banality. That’s why I love to mix humble and luxurious items: I aim at creating atmospheres that are difficult to be catalogued”, explains Alvin Grassi.
My language tells the story of Europe, summarising the concepts of luxury and quality. My guest is pampered and surrounded by items of precious uniqueness and is safeguarded in his relaxation… that’s why renowned international design companies choose me as their spokesman.” In this eclectic mosaic of styles nothing is redundant or out of place: the furniture, all made in Italy and produced by Visionnaire, matches perfectly with the latest technologies of home automation, optimising the residential functionalities of this unique penthouse.
Environment is not only determined by the available surface, but also by how it can be exploited. If space is not well designed, no choice of furniture, regardless of the cost, will be able to transform it. This is the main difference between interior architecture and simple decoration.