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Sheraton – Anhua

Hotel area: 70,000m²
Number of rooms: 350
Introduction of all functions:
First floor: Hotel lobby, front desk, lobby bar, restaurant, children’s activity center, business center, office, shopping mall.

Second floor: Grand Ballroom, the banquet hall, the small ballroom, the conference room ,the multi-purpose hall, the Chinese Restaurant and Western Restaurant

Third floor: Chinese specialty restaurant,Chinese dining private room.

Fourth floor: ADD restaurant, SPA, foot bath, chess and card room.

Fifth floor: Wellness center, swimming pool, hotel club and executive lounge.

Six to twenty-sixth floor: guest rooms and administrative office rooms.

4.Design specification

The overall design of this case adopts modern style and integrates regional characteristics. Anhua not only has the natural landscape of Xuefeng mountain called Meishan in ancient times, but also has water flowing through the city. Its unique landscape gives rise to black tea culture and Meishan culture, both elements that we integrate into the design process. The curvilinear form of transformation floor day is applied in multiple interior spaces. It not only reflects the Meishan mountains and mountain landscape and can feel the flow and freedom of the capital and water, show the local stylebut it also create an atmosphere of historical and cultural inheritance and exchange in the interior space.

Introduction of hotel brand:

Sheraton (a hotel brand under Marriott International)

Marriott International Hotel Group, is the world’s leading international hotel management company. In 2016, Marriott successfully acquired Starwood, and completed the merger in 2018. So far, Marriott has become the world’s largest hotel group, covering 30 brands with more than 6,700 hotels. The Sheraton is the largest hotel chain in the Starwood hotel group and the second oldest hotel brand in the group (the oldest is WESTIN). In 2016, Marriott International completed its acquisition of Starwood Group, and Sheraton became a luxury hotel brand under Marriott. [2-4]

There are many types of Sheraton hotels, covering general commercial hotels and large resorts. The Sheraton brand has been trying to maintain a high-quality image, and most of the Sheraton hotels in the world have been selected as five-star hotels by local authorities. Sheraton also has a sub-line brand called Four Points by Sheraton (Four Points by Sheraton), which is a four-star business hotel brand.

Sheraton has a very wide branch, covering all continents, from Hong Kong, China to Sri Lanka to Egypt and Zimbabwe.