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Russian Alchemies

After years of activity, architect Tatiana Mironova has developed her own recognizable style, which is best expressed in this interior design project.

Tatiana Mironova, the author of the project says:

“When designing for my clients, first of all I think of specific people with their needs and wishes. In the end, the interior becomes a reflection of their inner world, their idea of the perfect home. It is a different story when you have no limits and you can give space to your creativity. The owner of the apartment confided in me completely and offered to make the interior according to my taste. My selected furniture brands, my favorite colors, a collection of paintings I like: in short, I have applied all my most characteristic ploys.”

Interesting is the zoning, the first thing that catches the eye. Living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom form a single space. Such unusual solution is determined by the peculiarities of the space. The rectangular-shaped apartment is surrounded on three sides by floor-to-ceiling windows, and is illuminated by the light all day. But the architect has enhanced this effect and has lined up the living spaces according to the direction of the celestial body’s motion. “In Moscow sunny days are rare, so I wanted to provide the apartment with as much sunlight as possible”, affirms Tatiana. “At dawn the first rays of light fall into the kitchen, then pass through the living room, and in the evening, when the sun goes down, the bedroom is lighted with a pleasant sunset shine”.

The lack of solid partitions facilitates the perception of the interior, designed as one unit, according with an artistic as well as a conceptual point of view. The space is figuratively divided into three parts: on the left there are a living room and a kitchen, in the middle, in front of the swing doors, there is a dining zone, and finally a bedroom closes the perspective. The correct composition is supported by paired furniture pieces placed strictly in a symmetrical way in different parts of the public area.

Interior is a reflection of designer’s personal taste. For this interior,  Tatiana employed her most favorite things starting from the color range and ending with her most characteristic ploys. In other words, the things she faces daily during her work, allowed her make the right choice. “After having designed many private interiors, I realized which factories I prefer in a special way”, she says. “The major part of the furniture is from beloved RALPH LAUREN, who creates amazing things. This bed, for example – that is unfortunately off production – appears to be architectonic, macroscopic and also very comfortable to sleep in. This kind of bed can’t fit in a small space, that’s why I wanted to merge the bedroom with the living room.”

Light plays a very important role in the interior design. There are many lighting scenarios: wall lamps, floor lamps providing a soft, cozy light, backlights of paintings and chandeliers of an extraordinary beauty. I also get crazy for a combination of white and blue. All the walls are painted white and decorated with elegant ceiling stucco garlands. The upholstery is also floral themed. For upholstered furniture I’ve chosen a blue fabric with a bright floral print. The guest washroom is decorated with the same pattern wallpaper. The blue color of the bathroom combined with grey and black, has created a gentle and romantic atmosphere. In general, I like contrasts, I like when there is a brutality and gentleness, intelligence and glamour, matte and gloss, metal and wood, modern and classic in the space.