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Progetto Mater

Progetto Mater is the result of a collaboration between Ossigeno and Abitacolo Interni, a combination that has generated a design process by intervening almost from two opposite sides, the architectural and development on one side and the technical realization on the other.
From this dichotomy comes a kitchen that satisfies this balance and in which the declination of the materials is designed to make these characteristics coexist in harmony: we have chosen two types of wood and two types of stone for the top precisely because on one side there is a empathic and narrative thrust to the approach of the kitchen project, on the other hand the technical realization and use. In this way, areas are created in which the materials are highly professional with very high technical characteristics and others in which the material itself is the real protagonist, leaving the stratigraphy of nature exposed and making the environment warmer and more welcoming.
The result is a kitchen conceived as a space to co-inhabit and enjoy.