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The need of the Archdiocese of Modena-Nonantola to create a new Parish Centre in the hilly municipality of Guiglia, with adjoining vicarage, collided with the pre-existence, on the designated lot, of an old parish building in precarious circumstances.

The intervention was then substantiated in the demolition of the existing building and the construction of a totally new building and responding to the most modern needs of usability, safety and adequacy of insertion in a context of border between man-made area and natural territory.

It is precisely from the location in the context that the architectural design originates, on the one hand it combines in a modern key the forms of local tradition, on the other it opens on the opposite valley, protected at the environmental level, creating optical cones effect, thanks to the volume that juts out into the green, equipped with large windows.

The construction is mixed, in concrete for the base and totally in wood for the elevations, while for the external finishes, which intertwine the compositional play of the windows, the plaster was alternated with crimped steel with triple painting.

After many years, this complex for residential use and for the community remains the most iconic architectural element of Guiglia’s territory and is actively used by the entire population.