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Paolo Castelli’s SUPERMOODBOARD 

Paolo Castelli has chosen to present itself at the Supersalone with SUPERMOODBOARD, a special project devised to show the research that goes into every product of the brand, in an organic and expressive way – just as with a moodboard. The focus is particularly on the materials from which each piece is skilfully made by master craftsmen, mostly in Emilia where the company is based. These feature natural materials – stone, marble, wood, glass and metal – but also new materials, naturally with an ecological soul; each one is worked in accord with tradition, paying strict attention to the certified source of the raw materials and the sustainability of the production processes.

SUPERMOODBOARD is the theme of the stand at the Supersalone and it also inspires the special set up of the Milan showroom in the heart of Brera where a wallpaper, custom-made for the project, reproduces on the walls the variety of the materials, colours and finishes of the Castelli universe. With an additional poetic touch: the shading inspired by the shadows of the arches cast onto the pavement of Bologna’s porticos, a tribute to the city wherein lie the company’s roots.

Each space presents a special selection of Paolo Castelli products – tables, coffee tables, seats, upholstered furniture, bookcases and lamps – that fully illustrate the company’s total look philosophy and the attention paid to the handcrafted details that makes each Paolo Castelli project unique.

News from Supersalone 2021

Paolo Castelli has created three new products for the Supersalone: the COMET lamp, the LENS coffee tables and the U CHAIR seat. As always products of exceptional quality, made from different materials worked to perfection.

The COMET lamp is an elegant and evocative light sculpture consisting of a handmade Vietri ceramic base and a ring-shaped lampshade made of natural ivory-coloured fabric that diffuses a warm, soft ambient light. Available in two versions – floor-standing and table-top – COMET is an object with a unique image, at once essential and expressive.

LENS is a coffee table designed in two sizes with different heights. Once again, different handcrafted materials – polished Vicenza stone for the base and mouth-blown Murano glass for the top – are combined in an unconventional way to create an item of furniture of architectural, functional and expressive value. As a pair, even with the tops in the two different colours, Petrolio and Fumè, LENS expresses its sophisticated nature, reflecting tradition with a contemporary perspective.

The U CHAIR seat perfectly combines simplicity and craftsmanship. Consisting of a metal frame with a matt black paint or bronze effect matt brass finish, and dark brown or black leather upholstery, it has a refined and light image conveyed by the minimal thickness of the elements and upholstery that is simply “slipped” onto the frame.

News for 2021

The Milan Design Week is also an opportunity to present to the public for the first time the varied collection of Paolo Castelli products created over the past year.


Soft Ratio is a modular seating system with a wide range of linear, corner and peninsula elements. Whatever the configuration, the sofas have an essential and light image produced by the black metal base with double feet, combined with the outer shell in leather with matching and contrasting stitching in the armrest. The generous seat and backrest cushioning, made of polyurethane foam shaped at different heights, makes the seating soft and welcoming at any time of day.

Vao is a special line of upholstered furniture – sofas, armchair and pouf – with a graceful shape and generous dimensions. This line, with its green credentials, is defined by a structure with legs in solid eco-sustainable ash wood, padding made from self-extinguishing organic rubber, batting made of natural wadding and jute straps. The upholstery also has a natural soul: bouclé wool, blended linen or linen fabric.

Coral is a family of upholstered products with soft, full and generous shapes. The design brings to mind the softness of a cloud thanks to the special combination of the backrest, armrest and seating elements, with their “polished” image. The Coral collection also has a sustainable soul: the padding is made of self-extinguishing organic rubber, the batting is made of natural wadding and jute straps, the wooden base is solid eco-sustainable ash, the upholstery is in bouclé wool, and the fabric is blended linen or linen.


Golden Disc is a striking pendant lamp, created from a special combination of refined materials. The luminaire made of Murano glass and 24Kt gold leaf, shaped by hand in a mould, reflects the light and diffuses it throughout the room with delicate lighting effects. The glass is set into a metal disc with a satin-gold finish and supported by a metal stand covered in sand-coloured leather.

Golden Disc Wall is a precious wall lamp made entirely by hand following the oldest Murano traditions. As with the pendant version, the diffuser is made from Murano glass and 24kt gold leaf, supported by a metal body in a matt gold finish that houses the LED light source within it.

Labilis is a dramatic light installation consisting of black metal rings of different diameters with a white opaline polycarbonate LED light diffuser. Each ring, supported by three suspension wires – one of which is the power cable – is also fitted with a matt bronze finish brass spotlight, which adds a further element of technical and aesthetic value to the whole. Also available in super dramatic 4, 7 and 10 ring versions.

Fair Light is a refined and essential wall light, consisting of a double rail of matt black tubular metal with an opaline polycarbonate diffuser. The linear light source gives the lamp an expressive and contemporary allure, whether installed vertically or horizontally.

Icone Luminose is the name of a collection of floor lamps/sculptures having a metal structure with a satin gold finish and composed of Murano blown glass elements. Together they make up a curious family of colourful and luminous ethereal characters.


Alba is a collection of tables featuring a combination of natural and industrial materials, polished Vicenza stone and matt Shadow finish bronze, combined into a unique product with geometric and rational shapes. The top has a hand-made bas-relief decoration. The very special “aerial” joint between the base and the top of the table gives the whole an unexpected grace and lightness.

Arche is a family of tables and coffee tables featuring precise and clean geometric shapes inspired by the architectural archetype of the arch. The structure is made of metal sheets arranged in a cross, and laser-cut into an arch shape. The top is available in sandblasted grey or ivory polished Vicenza stone, or in reconstituted stone or natural charcoal reconstituted with recycled brass shavings. The top is embellished with metal decorations suggesting a curious contrast between the materials.


Uffizio is a very special wall-mounted illuminated bookshelf unit. Consisting of a metal structure with an opaque Bronze Shadow finish and integrated LEDs, 4 transparent glass shelves and a grey satin mirror back, it gives the room unusual reflections and plays of light and shadow.

Coat rack is a passpartout coat hanger in walnut finish wood with metal details. Functional, essential and versatile, it is perfect in any environment or style because of its natural and light image.

Scranno Stool is a folding stool with a simple and iconic shape, made of refined materials and handcrafted details. The wooden frame, with a partially painted walnut-tint finish, supports a leather seat with matching stitching.