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Ognissanti Guest House

Located in the heart of the city of Fermo, right at the foot of the Duomo, Ognissanti Guest House is an old mansion reborn to welcome and make its guests experience a unique and special stay.
A dwelling that inside finds all the beauty of the Marche region, as wonderful as it is unusual for its diversity of landscape and territory: from the unforgettable beaches, to the harmonious and sinuous shapes of the hills, up to the blue mountains through history, tradition and art .
And it is precisely this path, which crosses the length and breadth of this region, that we find inside its rooms. Four rooms with four different themes.

The plasters, the tradition and the materials for the ‘Old Town’ room take us back to the villages of our hinterland, especially the alleys of the city of Fermo.
In the ‘Marche hills’ room we find that taste of craftsmanship of our countryside and the color of our hills in spring
An undefined horizontal blue line envelops us in the ‘Sea’ room, like the line of waves that extends to infinity on our coast
The skyline that we find in the ‘Sibiliini Room’ is what we can see from Fermo looking towards the mountains, a precise and clearly visible profile that we imagined admiring a summer evening in the moonlight

Developing on various levels, La Dimora also offers convivial spaces to live throughout the day: The secret garden, a corner of peace and serenity, where nature, history, landscapes and cultures intertwine, giving the guest a 360 view °, from the narrow streets, to the sea, passing through the hills and reaching the Sibillini Mountains, while the internal caves project it into a dreamlike universe where you can stop and reflect to give yourself a break.