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New Century Grand Hotel – Sanya, Hainan

1.Hotel area: 54891㎡

2.Number of rooms: 383 rooms

3.Introduction of all functions:

The first floor is the all-day dining restaurant, Japanese restaurant, bar, chess and card room, gym, table tennis, manicure, beauty salon, men’s area, women’s area, public aisles, elevator halls, logistics channels, etc.

The second floor is the lobby, lobby bar, front office, business center, public bathroom, SPA area, Chinese food reception, small private room, medium private room, large private room, Tibetan private room, etc.

The third floor is a large meeting room, a middle meeting room, a small meeting room, public health, etc.

The fourth floor is the banquet hall, VIP reception

Rooms: 215 double rooms and 145 single rooms

23 suites. A total of 383 rooms.

4.Introduction of hotel brand

Kaiyuan Hotel Group is the largest private high-star hotel chain in China and ranks second among the largest Chinese hotel groups. At the same time, according to the global hotel industry rankings published on the official website of the world hotel industry authoritative magazine “HOTELS”, New Century Hotel Group ranks among the top 50 hotel groups in the world. Kaiyuan currently owns “New Century Capital” (luxury business hotel), “New Century Resort” (luxury resort), “New Century Hotel” (upscale business hotel) and “New Century Manju Hotel” (mid-range business hotel), “New Century “Cultural Theme Hotel” (Dayu·Kaiyuan) five major product series. So far, the company has managed and signed more than 170 hotels, and the total number of guest rooms. The same Kaiyuan quality, enjoy the ardent and caring Kaiyuan care. Nearly 50,000 are distributed in 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Frankfurt, Germany.

5.Design specification

In this whole design, we always insist on the perfect combination of indoor space and outdoor space. Introduce the outdoor scenery into the interior, so that guests are always in paradise on holiday. Let the guests put aside all their worries and enjoy this relaxing holiday to their heart’s content.

Due to its specific location and the surrounding area with many international brand hotels, in order to improve the hotel’s international competitiveness in the region, we position the hotel as a seaside resort hotel in Southeast Asia.

In the overall plan design, we also incorporated some elements that symbolize Tibetan culture as an embellishment. For example, the auspicious clouds, the horizontal wooden stake elements on the eaves of Tibetan buildings (the eight su), the Tibetan artworks and the lucky knots in the eight auspicious treasures, through refinement and sublimation, are applied to every detail, allowing them to penetrate the entire hotel design In the plan, a Southeast Asian resort hotel with a hint of Tibetan flavor was well created, providing a beautiful environment for the Tibetan cadres to recuperate.

Traditional hotels in the design of a relatively full approach to create a space atmosphere,

to convey a specific vision and feelings to the guests,However, for high-end consumers who enjoy quality hotels, traditional design methods cannot satisfy or stimulate their vision of the hotel Feelings and spiritual needs. Therefore, our design of this project overturns the traditional rules and regulations, and injects the concept of internationalization into southeast Asia Style,

with “mountain cloud ‘like posture, rich tension Tibetan art and interior space rub out a diversity of visual sparks, impact People’s Daily vision and fixed thinking. The pursuit of simple human nature, the integration of Chinese and western beauty, and the ancient Tibetan culture of the collision of international art Spark, just like the mountains (Xizang) and clouds (Sanya), mutual village, this is the unique charm of Sanya Xizang Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel Through out the year.