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In a panoramic position, in front of Monte Cimone, in the context of the hills of Modena, not far from the border with the Garfagnana, stands an isolated site but definitely connoted, consisting of three historic villas, once part of the compendium of the Counts Carlotti: a small gem in the hills, which needs recovery because of the conditions of neglect in which it is.

Kosmos Group took part in the entire arrangement of the site following the purchase of the entire property complex by a forward-looking family of entrepreneurs, including the more than 6,000 square meters of surrounding land in the slope towards the valley.

Starting from an initial project for real estate prepared by the staff of Eng. Mario Bergamini, Kosmos Group has taken care of the structural planning first an extremely delicate work, given the need to adhere to the history of the architectural heritage) and then of the technical coordination of the yard, revisiting the initial project for necessity or opportunity and dedicating their efforts also to define a unitary compositional character to the large surrounding park.

The yard is currently active and is a complex work, worth several million euros, that will re-qualify in a quality perspective a compendium of extraordinary testimonial value and a visual landmark for the entire surrounding area.