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Inspiring Stones Apartment

On the first floor of a building in the historic center of Pietrasanta, ARCHEA Associati has renovated a large apartment combining two units of respectively 227 and 66 sqm.

The project did not bring great transformations to the original structure, helping to create a space in which the rooms wind one after the other, without corridors to interrupt the flow. Great attention was paid to the choice of materials: to ensure a happy coexistence with the many objects of art and design, Archea chose a homogeneous background with predominantly neutral tones.

The frescoes in the large room are kept at a certain distance by oak panels that “interrupt” the fresco without damaging the view and create continuity with the large fireplace, also covered in oak. The Hungarian herringbone parquet leaves room for the slate floor of the contemporary kitchen, which dialogues with the cold tones of the sheet metal furnishings.

The walls also speak different languages, yet in harmony with each other: the frescoes in the room, alternating with wooden panels, are next to the exposed brick & stone walls that surround the kitchen and bedrooms.

The project follows a principle of respect and enhancement of the context, without however acting with awe, but rather leaving ample room for experimentation.

Photos by Pietro Savorelli.